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The Name’s Lola - The 4 Different Types of Looks

What makes The Name’s Lola super cool (other than the fact that we had our Halloween party there!), is that this Alphabet City new hot spot is not only the new trendiest bar of the moment, it also completely transforms to host a variety of different events within its doors. From live concerts, to karaoke nights, to happy hours to club nights, The Name’s Lola is 100% versatile in its look, music and vibe. NY THE LOOK wants to make sure you’re prepared for any time you’ll walk through that white door. Here is some outfit inspo to keep handy:


We gave our spiel in our Instagram post but we’ll gladly say it again. A club night at The Name’s Lola is chic, edgy and sophisticated. Leather, lace and geometric shapes will make you stand out among the smoke-filled room and the grundgy-chic crowd.


Funnily enough, before the epic NY THE LOOK party started, The Name is Lola looked like a completely different bar. In fact the space was transformed into a live concert venue, hosting a famous rock band. The crowd was filled with 50-something year olds, having the time of their lives. The Name is Lola serves as the perfect, intimate concert venue and we want to make sure you have the best outfit to listen to your favorite music:


During karaoke night you’ll likely either be sitting listening to your friends belt out or jumping around to the beat of your favorite song. Your look can be definitely more relaxed. Even though this will be a “one shoe” kind of look, it doesn’t mean you can’t serve it with some style. We love a good high top sneaker and maybe a pair of skinny jeans to match. The look is definitely complete with an oversized tee and a cute puffer jacket to top it off.


The Name’s Lola has hosted a variety of work parties and happy hours (it is actually how we discovered the spot ourselves). These usually take place on a weekday after work, so you may have to repurpose your work outfit for the event. That is a really easy fix. Style up that skirt and blouse you wore to work and accessorize it with a cute pair of hoop earrings and a pair of heels you brought in a bag with you. A red lip will immediately make you look chic and sexy, while still maintaining a level of professional in case of any networking opportunities.

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