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Inspiration: Winter Whites

We know they say that we are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, but hear us out. When the snow outside is falling, the air is crisp and cold, and our tan is just a distant memory, we feel it almost mandatory to make ourselves feel better by walking the streets of NYC in a great outfit. In the winter, there is nothing better than a good old classy winter white look.

NY THE LOOK is here to help you out with some quick inspiration on where to find and how to wear your winter white looks. Just a couple of quick reminders before we dive in:

1. White jeans are not okay. Leave the skinny jeans well hidden in your closet. They shouldn't see the light of day till at least mid June (actually make it mid July -- or maybe never...).

2. Mix and match textures. The winter cold gives you the chance to play around with materials, prints and textures. Lace sweaters, flannel pants, faux fur. Find a way to mix these items for a 10/10 winter white outfit.

3. Dress it up and down. A winter white look can be really fancy or really casual, depending on what accessories, textures and shoes you choose to match. Something faux fur is definitely more dressy and will work better when paired with a simpler pair of pants or a mid-heel shoe. A white knit sweater can be bland, so this is the chance to accessorize with a flashier bag or cool sneaker. Find what works for you but remember to keep it classy -- you want to be turning heads only for the right reasons!

Take some inspiration on winter white looks from NY THE LOOK!

Some great winter white items to cop right now:

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