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The 5 staples you need to look 👠👠👠👠👠 this fall

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

As the leaves change colors and the days progress into bitter cold ones, it becomes harder and harder to find an outfit that will make a statement and that will not break the bank. The fall is one of the best seasons to feature a brand new wardrobe and to look for outfits for the various holiday parties and soirées with family, co-workers and friends. What you need in order to succeed is a series of items that look and feel  👠👠👠👠👠and that you will be able to mix and match with your not so glam pieces. NY THE LOOK is here to bring you all the inspiration you need to feel like a 10/10. Here are the must have items this fall that are both cute, affordable and versatile!

Black heeled booties with a square toe

This is a new trend of the season and a definite must for your wardrobe. The best pair of booties that remind us of ones from Fendi or Prada we are never going to afford, are ones with an interesting-shaped heel. Stiletto, squared or rectangular heels elevate the look of a shoe making it look elegant for all kinds of occasions. Zara provides us with some great options where boots are concerned!

Organza/shiffon tops and dresses

MiuMiu has done it. Helmut Lang has done it. Dolce and Gabbana has done it too. One of the biggest trends this fall is all things organza and shiffon. If you are not so keen on spending $800 on a light piece of fabric, there are so many other options you can go for. These items of clothing when paired with a cute bralette or tank top can be paired with any piece: from a light wash pair of jeans, to a satin palazzo pant. Check out this floral version from Top Shop to get some inspiration!

Mini cross body bag

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own Jacquesmues? A mini bag that holds absolutely nothing but that makes you feel so good to have dangling across your body? We love the mini bag look and we all desperately need one (yes, desperately). boohoo gives us hope again with their own version of this must-have bag. Pair this cute orange, croc mini bag with any of your holiday looks and you will be guaranteed to have your annoying cousin or loud co-worker ask you where it's from.


A few years ago capes felt like something a la Robinhood. Today they are one of those staples in every fashion girl's closet. We want one, you want one, so the mission is to find the right one. Zara provides a wide range of capes that will instantly make any day or night outfit feel super chic. Our favorite one is the below: simple, tasteful and so versatile.

All things silk

Something happened this year where suddenly every brand is making silk clothes. Silk tops, silk dresses, silk pants. There is something about the material that instantly makes you look luxurious. Orseund Iris has been one of the brands to pioneer the trend, with the multitude of silk dresses and tops that look really simple yet so elegant at the same time. Go check out one of our favorite LBDs from ASOS, that is a must in you fall closet this year.


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