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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

To kick off NY THE LOOK with a bang, we decided we wanted to have a party. Because who doesn’t love parties?! We were trying to decide on the perfect location that would both convey the excitement and novelty of NY THE LOOK, as well as be the backdrop to a really fun night. Short Stories fit the bill to a “T”. This Noho bar opened at the beginning of 2019 and has been the talk of the town ever since.

The crowd at Short Stories is mostly made up of New York personalities, influencers and chic Noho residents. The inside of the bar is dimly lit and is decorated with a myriad of plush, pin velvet stools and couches. There are plants and mirrors all around, tiled floors and a wide variety of cocktails to choose from. You can go to Short Stories as early as at brunch time, and stay well into the night. The food consists of small bites such as ricotta and honey dip, Mac n’ cheese and buffalo wings. On most nights you will be able to enjoy your dinner while listening to the music played by the multitude of DJ’s that are featured on different nights. DJ Isaac (@isaaclikes_) was our guy for the night!

At Short Stories you will want to wear something chic and fashionable, yet not too flashy. An eclectic print, a sporty heel, a puffy sleeve top. This is the place to see and be seen; the bar to proudly show off the latest trends and be bold in a way you might not be elsewhere. NY THE LOOK has got you with some inspiration for your look for your next visit at Short Stories:

When choosing our outfits for the party we had all of this in mind. We decided to do something we never do and color coordinate wearing something pink. Ella wore pink Obey pants, paired with an H&M bustier top and Alexander Wang heels. Greta wore a pink ruched Zara top, J Brand flare black jeans and ASOS pointy heeled booties. Our guests were all impeccably dressed as well! You can check out some of the NY THE LOOK approved looks from the night below and our Instagram post from the night here!

Don’t forget to follow @nythelook on Instagram and tag us in your posts showing off your best NY looks!


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