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New York is big and every neighborhood is different. 

NY THE LOOK brings to you bite-size inspiration for BOTH worthwhile places to go to in the city, and what to wear to these specific spots. Check out our Map to begin your NY THE LOOK inspiration journey!

Find the Perfect 'Fit 

The living inspiration page and lookbook for

WHERE to go and what to WEAR when you get there.

NYC edition


Looks & spots for the weekend

Lunch with your bestie

Drinks with a date 


Looks & spots for a work meeting

 Dinner with a friend

Cocktails at the new bar you have always wanted to try 


All places will be rated on a formal/fancy scale out of 5  heels (👠) 

👠👠👠👠👠= Very fancy 

👠👠👠👠= Fancy 

👠👠👠=  Semi Fancy 

👠👠= Casual Chic

👠= Very Casual

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